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Kill Mold Cheaply and Effectively… Buy an Ultraviolet Light or use an Ozone Generator.

mold sporeI know of one light that effectively controls mold. It is made by the Phillips company. This single bulb placed anywhere in your home will quite effectively eliminate mold spores for as long as you use it. I have tried to tell many of my patients about this cheap means of environmental control during their visits. Still, many patients continue to have night-time or early morning symptoms. Symptoms at these times are primarily due to molds.

The ideal environmental “OASIS” would include air cleaners (electrostatic and HEPA), no carpet or drapes, and a U.V. light. If all this fails to control the problem, we add an OZONE generator (see our online store). Since many patients continue to suffer “mold allergies” after rainstorms and during night mold-count periods, I continue to search for solutions. I can understand a person’s reluctance to remodel a room, removing carpet and drapes. In my bedroom “oasis” I have black vinyl floor (the better to see the dust) and two large HEPA air filters. I also use two large electrostatic precipitators. Only an allergist is likely to experiment with four filters which cost about $500.00 each. My 3M Ultra Allergen Filtrete 1250 works better than anything else. On the other hand, I also have a plastic light fixture with a 15″ bulb in it. This is our U.V. light (see our online store). If I could only have one system to most effectively keep my bedroom free of mold, it would be this “CHEAPO” light. For the “the most bang for the buck”, kill them dead with a U.V. light.

Mold sporulates in darkness. It “peaks” about 2:00 AM. You may awaken by 2:30 or 3:00 AM. The mold spores are the “babies” or “seeds” of new mold growth. When the spores are released to float though the air they are in a most fragile form, much like tender little babies. They sporulate in darkness (i.e. nighttime) because they cannot survive in bright sunlight like pollen can. The U.V. light I have selected is a Phillips Germicidal U.V light., product number G15T8. It is of a particular wavelength, designed for its “germicidal” potency. It is so strong and damaging it is used in hospital air systems to kill “germs” (bacteria and viruses).

UV Light for killing molds You may remember seeing the “blue glow” of the germicidal light box the barber used to keep his combs in. Well mold spores are not “germs”, but guess what? Spores are much more sensitive to this wavelength than “germs.” Under the best applications of these U.V. lights in hospital air filtration systems it is suggested one can achieve a “theoretical kill rate of 98%” of bacteria that pass the light. Mold spores are even more sensitive. For mold spores the “kill rate” is quite nearly 100%. And this for $100.00!

We recommend that you keep the light behind a dresser, refrigerator, or in a return air duct. It WILL cause carpets and furniture to fade just like very bright sunlight. For best results, leave the light “on” 24 hours a day and wipe the bulb off every 30 days. WARNING!!! Do not look directly into this light because it will cause severe and immediate eye damage, especially to children. Warn all adults and children not to look at the light. Do NOT place this light where children can look directly at it.

The other way to completely rid your environment of mold is through the use of an Ozone Generator.

For more information, read an article from USA Today about molds. The article lists a few of the several conditions which can be caused by molds, including asthma. Of particular interest to me was that the people who were the subjects of the article had tested negative for allergies, though allergies were their biggest problems. The reason is simple: To be properly diagnosed, you need to be tested for what you are allergic to.

Most mold allergy testing is for the few most common molds only. But there are thousands of different molds, many of which can be uncommon, but very potent. So, ask your allergist exactly what negative allergy testing really means. It doesn’t confirm you don’t have an allergy, it only confirms the doctor has not been able to identify it.

So, if you are have eliminated all known allergens and still have problems, re-consider molds, and take active measures to correct the problems.

* This treatment is not approved by the FDA

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